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Contact Information:
If you need or want to contact us, please use <this address>, which is also at the bottom of every page.

About Us:
Sustainable Burien is a grassroots effort with the goal of providing opportunities and information for and by people who are interested in helping make Burien a more Sustainable Community. What the group does and how much it accomplishes will be determined by the people who get involved. People with a common goal will be able to form smaller groups [pods] and work on what they decide is worthwhile. We hope to have a minimum of 3 people in any pod so that there is some momentum, but the direction that they go will be determined by them. Pods will provided with some web space on the site that they can use to share information, ask for ideas or help, or anything else that furthers the cause of the pod and Sustainable Burien. Our Interest Groups page will have more information about the Pods.

Listing Policy:
We developed some general guidelines to use when making decisions about potential speakers for Gatherings or special events, listing upcoming events on our Events page, and putting links on our Links page. The goal was to be able to be consistent without getting too complicated. We reserve the right to modify these guidelines or to waive them in special circumstances.

To meet our guidelines speakers, events or links should:

  • Be related to and promote Sustainability.
  • Clearly list any costs up front. This includes any fees and materials costs.
  • Readers, attendees and/or participants should be able to gain something useful without additional costs. If a vendor makes a presentation, they need to give general, unbiased, balanced information that is useful as is. Offering to provide additional services/information for a fee is acceptable, as long as that's not the sole function of the presentation.
  • It would need to be something that Burien residents could reasonably be expected to attend. Cost and location are two factors that would be considered.

After all that, it is still up to the reader to determine if what we've listed is appropriate for them. Since we can't check out everything ourselves, we would appreciate being notified of any problems. Please <contact our webmaster> or use the address at the bottom of every page.

Under development.

Privacy Policy:
This site does not collect or keep any information except page hit counts and we use no scripts or cookies. Our web host,, keeps track of all the normal things like visitor's IP addresses, browsers, referers, page errors and more, and makes it available to us. Our webmaster occasionally looks at them to check visitor stats and to see if anything needs to be fixed, but that's it. No personally identifiable information is gathered at all.

Any personal information that you give us, including an email address, will not be shared with anyone else without your permission. The only exception would be when it is necessary to comply with a legal requirement, court order, or subpoena.

We hope to soon have an email newsletter that is expected to be low volume. If you provide us with an email address for that newsletter it will not be sold or shared with anyone else. If we eventually use an outside service for the newsletter, they will not be permitted to use the address for anything else. Sign up will require a confirmed opt-in, you will never be automatically signed up just by contacting us. You are also welcome to use an email service like or anything similar that lets you track who is sharing a particular address.

Legal and liability stuff:
We are not responsible for any sites linked to from these pages. They may look different to you, or even have effects on your browser or computer that are different than what others see due to filters and differences in local settings. They also could have changed since we looked at them. To the best of our knowledge, they are all safe. But as always you surf at your own risk. If you do become aware of a site that is a problem, please let us know. Just because we have provided a link to a site does not indicate an endorsement, authorization, sponsorship, or affiliation with that site, its owners, or its providers.

We do not accept payments of any kind from anyone who is listed on this site.

Site Usability:
Our goal is that this site should work for everyone regardless of what browser or local settings that they're using. All text should scale to the size of your browser window regardless of your font choices. So those who use a large font due to vision problems should find this site as usable as those who like a little tiny font so they can get more on the screen. If you notice a problem, find something that doesn't work, or have a question, please <contact our webmaster>.

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